Welcome to Famous Publicity

Famous Publicity is a boutique Public Relations agency that serves clients in the specialist areas of adventure, art and brands.

Why the flowers and why the bridge photos, you may well ask?  The plants reflect the business founder’s love of nature and the London bridges prove that you don’t have to look very far to see some wonderful sights in London.  As PR is about building bridges, taking clients from one place to another, the photos taken by Tina Fotherby are appropriate.

Prior to setting up Famous Publicity in January last year, Tina worked in-house for four years as the publicist for the UK’s most famous ‘shopkeeper’ Theo Paphitis, which gave her a privileged insight into the mindset of highly successful entrepreneurs.  She also has a strong insight into the retail industry.  She worked for nearly 30 years in central London and now works from an office in Surrey.

Famous Publicity specialises in supporting people and businesses with a global reach who want to make the world a better place.

Now is the age of the global small business, which, thanks to modern technology is a cost-effective reality for many.  With her great experience in handling brands and her love of modern technology, Tina is able to provide clients with the best solutions to reach their goals.

Adventure, Art & Brands

Famous Publicity supports the most exciting people who are the best in their field.  One client literally saves the lives of those in intensive care, while another is creating art that raises awareness for the environment and the planet’s endangered animal species.

Tina is supported by a team of specialists who are called in to provide support to the clients as their needs dictate, resulting in expert and timely delivery of services.  She is also about to take on a new apprentice, following the good advice she has received in the past from her former boss and Apprentice’s Champion Theo Paphitis.

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